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2 months ago

coordinate your outage/service system

so, storms roll through New Orleans, my internet goes flaky, then its super flaky and wont stay up for more than an hour without dropping for no reason and modem showing over 1billion uncorrectable errors (not kidding, you want screen grabs, i gotem) on several channels, if it was actually able to lock on to them. i see my drop is lower than my neighbors clothes line and running across a tree, (that **bleep** tree always causes a prob but all the tech run it across it every time). tech comes out, while im sitting in the back, 2 of my neighbors mention they have similar issues, but its on us to schedule maintenance. this is unacceptable, if more than 1 call in a 20m area, and all coming from the same tap, guess what, the tap has the issue. why is it impossible for cox to coordinate , oh look , 5 calls from same area, lets send a tech out now and get it resolved before we are liable for something like no phone service (they are required to keep operational. i know, too logical, for our third world city of new Orleans. but this is your job, to maintain your monopoly locked infrastructure. my distaste of your lazy practices and stupid attempt to make the customer think its all their fault (telling me i need a new modem when it was NEVER the modem's issue), reboot router, reboot modem, tighten cable, hop on 1 leg while singing the happy birthday song in Cantonese. 

at this very moment, my home internet is flaky again after taking the day off to be there yesterday , to get it "fixed", all because another tech is at that tap, screwing around with it because neighbors are having the same issues. 


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  • Hi AAstevens,

    We'd be happy to investigate this issue and address your concerns; however, we will need some additional information in order to do so. Please email our team at with your name and complete service address, and reference this post.