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5 years ago

Constant Packet Loss From Cox Node

I've had an issue with packet loss since December, and that's just when I really noticed it. It makes my gaming sessions basically unplayable. I had one of Cox's (contract) service techs come out and he found everything to be nominal. (Mer, ber, etc.) I've been running WinMTR off and on for a couple months now and the results are always the same with anywhere from 5-50+% packet loss at times. I was running a SB6190 modem, and then found out what a turd it is and promptly switched it out for a SB8200, which is my current, and is hooked to a Asus AC1900 router, but I stay hardwired using only my phone with Wi-Fi. I've seen quite a few similar posts, but have yet to see a solution. 

I'm on their Ultimate Plan, and the up/down speeds are pretty on par for the package, and typically little to no issue with ping or jitter. 

The node I always have issues with is:

This is pinging google at 1/sec with a 64byte packet.

EDIT: And I'll add, I've done just about every possible thing on my end to try and rectify the issue, all the way to buying new hardware to no avail. 

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    You mentioned being hardwired to the router. Are you able to bypass the router reboot the modem and hardwired a device directly to the modem for testing purposes?

    Jonathan J
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      I have tried this with the same results. I might not have paid too much attention, but I don't know which site is which when plugged into the modem, I'll try again shortly.

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    It isn't packet loss apparently, it's "ping burst" which can feel the same way. Never heard the term before until I looked up the icon that wouldn't disappear on modern warfare.

    Ping burst from what I understand is a massive influx of data at a high rate. It's like a hose that won't stop clogging, and every times it's cleaned the massive pressure is released. Either your equipment or theirs is the culprit, most likely them considering I bought entirely new stuff. Their servers can't handle the data, and buffers it, causing your info to be delayed/lost.

    The tech was right that he saw nothing wrong, because it's their servers causing a fake packet loss. It's actually a pretty genius scam if deliberate as you wouldn't notice this with most activities. Gaming needs all the packets though, unlike buffering a movie.

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      I understand the logic behind this, but at 1 packet/sec, I don't foresee that being an issue, I'm by no means knowledgeable on the subject though. It's noticeable on webpages as well, as it doesn't load instantly, but will "hang" for a second or two before it loads a page, but it's fine sometimes.