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4 years ago

Constant Packet Loss 24 hours a day in Chandler, AZ

Hello, for about a week now I have been experiencing packet loss 24 hours a day in the north side of Chandler, AZ.  Last year for over a month we had EXTREMELY high packet loss during the day (about 20-25%) to where the internet was completely unusable.  The problem seemed to stop but now it is starting again and we are still getting 5-10% packet loss 24 hours a day.  I get constant warnings in games like Rocket League that packet loss is occurring and I check on latency sites that show my ping spiking from 50ms -300 ms literally every few seconds.  I am completely frustrated since no other internet is offered in my area and when I contact a Cox tech they have me restart my router but the issues obviously still occurs.  We even replaced our router a few months ago with a brand new one.  This is obviously Cox overselling their internet to customers during COVID causing an oversaturation of the nodes in Chandler.  I feel completely hopeless and frustrated that Cox has not fixed this issue and refuses to even admit that they are at fault.  Cox refuses to even check my apartment's lines without charging me because they claim my speedtest results show I am getting the correct upload/download speeds but this obviously does not account for latency spikes/packet loss.  

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    Go to and run a smoke ping for max days. Once you have the evidence, file an FCC complaint and someone from corporate will address your problem. You probably won't like what they have to say but at least you will have a real answer. 

    I am having the same problem in Tucson but packet loss is almost always greater than 10%. The last 3 days have been higher than 20% even between 2-6AM. Good luck