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5 years ago

Constant Internet Outages

For many months now I've been having intermittent internet connectivity that seems to be impossible for cox to detect or resolve.  When i called COX support they would ping my router once and state nothing was wrong.  They would cycle the power a couple of times ping the modem and state there isn't an issue.  I was unsuccessful in getting the L1 Help Desk to escalate or open a ticket to look into the internet problems, but maybe I'm just wrong.  I have purchased a new modem/router and upgraded my service with COX and none have been able to resolve my problem.

It looks like I'm getting severe packet loss on hop 5 and I'm not sure if there is anything I can do on my end.

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    In classic Cox style, get ready for them to suggest you "reboot your modem" to magically fix all their service issues.

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    Are you able to bypass the router and run a traceroute? If so reboot the modem before connecting the device you're using to run the test.

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