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5 years ago

Constant Delay Reaching Tech Support With Uninterruptable PPV Commercials

Two years later and nothing has changed.  I call Cox for tech support and before I can get connected to somebody who can help me I have to listen to an interminable, uninterruptable commercial for your latest PPV event.  I don't give a **** about Cox PPV; never use it, never will.  But even when I know which button to push to get connected to the support line I need, pushing buttons does no good.  The commercial goes on and on to the bitter end of its annoying hype.  Look, I get it; Cox sees Customer Service as a captive audience for high pressure hype.  But when the Customer knows which button to push to get the needed Customer Service, and has zero interest in the product/event being hyped, at least let the tone making a valid menu selection interrupt the commercial message.   Forcing Customers seeking Service to listen to your endless hype all the way to the end will lose you more sales than it makes in the long run.  Wake up.

And OBTW, please give a RESPONSIVE ANSWER to this complaint -- either apologize for engaging in this despicable practice and pledge to cease OR meet Customers seeking Service halfway by allowing a valid menu selection to interrupt the Commercial OR admit you are unrepentant and plan to continue abusing the captive audience on your Customer Service line with business as usual.  Which is it?  You have posted enough evasions (.. we are sorry YOU had a problem with our service (but not sorry we did it).

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