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4 years ago

Connection issues

We upgraded to Panoramic wifi a few months ago and started having connection issues for the last month where our connection drops but connects again in a few minutes. It's very frustrating when this happens while I'm in a Zoom meeting or the kids are in virtual learning or when it takes me 10 minutes to watch a 4 minute video on YouTube 🙄 I've tried resetting it multiple times but still having connection issues and I don't want to call Cox since the phone is connected to WiFi and will most likely drop the call (we have poor cell service in the area so I can't even use that) so is anyone else experiencing this with the Panoramic WiFi? It's weird because we had the slower speed for YEARS and never had an issue but ever since we upgraded, there have been lots of issues! Any suggestion on how I can fix this besides calling Cox and having a tech come out who will most likely tell me nothing is wrong?

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    Hi @Hello_SunShine

    When trying to stream with multiple devices it is important that you are using the correct band and that you are not crowding any particular band with too many devices. If you have not downloaded the Cox Panoramic Wifi App, I recommend downloading it You can use it to see which devices are on which band. If you are streaming on the 2.4GHZ band it could be an issue if there are too many other devices competing with it and you may need to move it to the 5GHz band if that one isn't as crowded (or vice versa). The 5GHz band has shorter wavelengths and higher frequency meaning that it is not good for long-range connections. The 2.4GHz band has slower speeds but a longer wavelength making it more stable at longer distances.

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