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2 months ago

Coax Service Upload Speeds

I'm quite sure this has been brought up a million times. Perhaps if it keeps coming up though, someone high up at Cox with some pull may take notice...

What is the deal with the overly disproportionate cable internet bandwidth packages? Having to pay for the 1Gbps DL plan just to get (up to) 35Mbps is quite ridiculous. There is more of a use case these days for 50Mbps+ upload than there is for a gigabit download. With the ever-increasing utilization of cloud storage, remote work, and self hosted services, Cox would benefit from taking a step back and reevaluating their plan options.

Don't try telling me that it is an infrastructure limitation. I understand the capability differences between fiber optic and coax. It would be unfair to compare fiber ISPs to Cox Cable like others have done previously on this forum. That said, modern DOCSIS 3.1 modems (as required by Cox) absolutely have the channel technology to offer higher upstream bandwidth. If I can wirelessly obtain 60Mbps+ upload speeds from a 5G modem inside my brick home using a $10/month plan from a major carrier, then Cox has zero excuses to provide faster upload when they have the upper hand from using a physical medium.

I would pay more per month for a 100/100 plan than I currently do for a 1000/35 plan, and I know I'm not alone. All Cox has to do is offer it, why can't they?


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  • Hi nsa_xploit, thanks for posting on our Forum and expressing your concerns. I will be sure to share this feedback on your behalf regarding our upload speeds.