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2 months ago

charging me for no fault of mine

so I go to college and I needed internet in order to do my school work, so I chose Cox plus i didn't have to pay to start it up amd it was easy installation.  ok so my equipment comes I attempt to do the easy installation., troubleshooting resetting did not connect me so they had to send a tech to my house.  the Cox technician told me it was all set it just needed to reboot and then he left before it was done and guess what? it did not work I actually didn't get to do an assignment bc my internet was not working.  so finally they sent a tech to fix it but I told rhythm I was not going to pay for the visit bc rn te problem was on the outside and that's bc the first tech plugged my cable up to a dead  satellite dish cable bc the ones that was their needed to be replaced again not my fault so what makes me mad is Cox trying to charge me $100 for tech visit for something that I have no control over. it's obvious they are paying a technician to do his job but he didn't do his job.. Cox you need to accept that you're at fault and take off that $100 fee


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  • Hi florestf, 


    I am sorry you had issues getting the service activated. Anytime a self install is not successful and a technician is sent, that fee is automatically added for the professional installation. This is not something the community can assist you with. Please send us an email to Cox.Help@Cox.Com with your full name and address for assistance along with the link to this forum. We look forward to hearing from you.