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6 years ago

Can't Delete Trash

I hate some parts of the new email program. 

 I keep getting emails from Cox saying I'm nearing my email capacity and need to delete some or risk receiving future emails.  Well if I could....

1) ...Empty trash I'd get rid of over 7000 emails. I've tried opening trash- select all-click the delete icon-choose permanently delete. All emails disappear and page says empty. I then check to see if all are gone and they are all still there! I've also clicked on Empty trash and Clean up. I've deleted history and logged off few times too. Ugh!

2)...Delete my spam folder I wouldn't have to try to remember to delete those emails.  I have settings on no spam filtering. Cox sends personal emails to spam. They don't have a spam subject either. 

Also I am so afraid I'm going to delete an important email because it is checked by Cox. After deleting an email it goes back to inbox and has the next email already checked. I don't want that! Let me choose what needs checking.

Also when inbox is open I select all and go down list unchecking ones I want to keep. All of a sudden the emails turn gray and I lose my place. I also have to make sure Cox didn't check an email I want to keep.

All these problems should be easy to fix by Cox. Frustrating! I better not have my email blocked because I can't delete my trash folder of over 7000 and counting.

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  • vlkinva,

    Please try selecting Empty multiple times to empty the trash folder. At this time there is no option to delete the Spam folder, but you can turn Spam filtering off in Settings.

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      Emptying the trash folder has been working correctly by just clicking once. Hopefully this one glitch is fixed but there are more. As I said in my original post I DO have spam settings turned off but still getting emails- personal and spam- sent there. 

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    Hi vlkinva,

    Are you experiencing this problem with webmail or are you using an email client? If webmail, what browser are you using to sign into your Cox account?

  • Help I have the same problem. I can not delete the trash. Please help

    I use Safari to go to web mail and I use Mac Mail on my computer.

  • There is an issue with Cox Webmail where it seems as if you can't "empty the trash" if there are a lot of emails in the Trash folder. The Trash folder will sometimes display as empty, even when it is not truly empty. This is because the "Empty Trash" and "Clean Up Folder" options do not work as they should.

    A fix for this will be put in place soon. Selecting "Empty" multiple times will resolve the issue and eventually delete all of the emails in the Trash folder. Please give this a try and let us know if you are able to reduce the number of emails in your Trash folder!

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    Sorry I didn't know there were replies to my question. 

    I use either IE or Google and have problems on both. I tried to keep deleting trash but it doesn't completely empty. Ridiculous. I don't want to have to select (click) each email and then delete but I guess I will have to. That might not work either.

    I also want to get rid of the spam folder! Cox is sending personal emails there along with other emails that aren't spam. In the last version I deleted my spam folder because of the same thing.

    Cox is getting worse not better. And it seems it's simple fixes.