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9 months ago

Cannot playback DVR shows on Chrome pc

I used to be able to watch recorder (DVR) shows on Chrome.  Edge it never worked on.   My history, cookies & Cache are empty, there should be no reason for no playback on every single recently taped show!
Says it always runs into a problem on playback, attempting to resume, then just gives up on it with Unfortunately, there’s a problem with DVR playback. .
It worked a FEW DAYS ago, and now it won't!
What else can I do!?

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    Chrome pc isn't a real pc,. it's a glorified android tablet, and I don't believe it's listed as a supported device. 

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      I think they meant a Windows PC with Chrome on it. Chromebooks don't have Edge on it.

      Either way, trying from a different device on the network would be a good test.