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5 years ago

Cannot access my non-Cox camera system. What is being restricted on my modem and why?

Cannot gain access to camera system within my network even though this had worked flawlessly for the past 5 yrs. something changed within the last month and I am now unable to connect without setting up a DMZ connection. And now that is even challenging. What is being restricted and why?

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  • Hi Whiporwill, how do you normally access your camera system? Are your cameras listed as connected devices when you go to or view your connected devices through the Cox Panoramic WiFi App? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I have a Lorex DVR Camera system.  Connected to the Pano Modem/Router.  Originally, I connect via  the Lorex ECO Stratus app by the Device name (not IP/Domain).  I could connect this way both at home and away.  Never had to switch anything around.  Now, all of the sudden, I have had to use the router's DMZ with that private address inserted.  The to connect, I have to input my Cox public IP into the app for it to connect … but this only works outside of my home network. Been with Cox for 10 yrs.  Had this camera system for nearly 5yrs.  All of the sudden, about 6 weeks ago, I lost the ability to connect while away until I figured out that I needed the DMZ.  I cannot get any senior technician from COX to call me back.  I am an IT pro with the Military and I find this Pano wifi app and setup to be limiting and insulting to anyone in the IT field.  I just want to control my router the way it should be.  The Pano Wifi won't even update or discover properly.  I.E. Cox changed my public IP a few days ago.  My gateway says the correct address … Pano Wifi app still shows the former IP address.  AND, gives me a 408 Error now.  Can't even connect to my router from that garbage. 

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        Hi Whiporwill, what URL gives you the 408 error? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator