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6 years ago

Bridge Mode?

As I attempt to install a Synology NAS, setting up the router states I have TWO routers on the LAN. I don't. Further investigation seems to indicate that, when Cox establishes a connection to the modem, there is an option to establish "bridge mode". If it isn't in that mode, it will appear as two routers.

I phoned tech support (LOL) and the guy tells me he doesn't know what I'm talking about. Anybody?

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      I probably should have asked what model of cable modem/router you have but essentially you would want the NAS drawing it's IP from the router and then if you want remote access to the NAS you would port forward to the IP assigned to the NAS by the router. Hope it helps.

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        I submitted a reply but not sure it arrived.  The router is a Linksys EA8500.  It isn't a combo modem/router.  The auto port-forwarding which is performed by the NAS (vs doing each port manually in the router) sees TWO routers...not just mine.  The research on this indicates Cox has a router on the line and so a BRIDGE needs to be established.  I attempted to get Cox to confirm whether or not the modem on their end is in BRIDGE mode for my connect but they didn't know what I was talking about.

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    What is indicating you have 2 routers...the NAS?  How do you know they're both routers? would be an example of a  router.  What's the other IP?

    If you only have 1 router in your house, you won't need bridge mode.  Cox doesn't have a bridge onto your home network.  Plenty of articles about bridges on the Internet.