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4 years ago

Bridge mode not giving out IP address?

Put my Panoramic Wifi Gateway into bridge mode and conencted it to my ASUS router but its not handing out an IP address. I tried to chat with Ccox support online and they seemed clueless. Called into support and they didnt understand what I was trying to do and were not aware of bridge mode. After talking to a few people I finally spoke with someone who mentioned I had a static IP attached to my Panoramic Wifi Gateway? I didnt request a static IP and was not even aware residential users could get a static IP. He said he removed the static IP and rebooted the Panoramic Wifi Gateway but it was still not working. I finally decided to clone the MAC address of the Panoramic Wifi Gateway on the ASUS router and things started to work. None of this makes sense to me. 

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    What's not assigning IP addresses...the Panoramic in Bridge Mode or your ASUS?  I don't know if cloning was necessary...but it works.

    Cox assigns a public IP address (static or temporary) to your modem because your modem is on their network.  Your modem, in turn, passes traffic from the Cox network (modem) onto your private network (personal device).  Your modem is just a switch or "gateway" between your private network and the Cox network.

    When you put a router in Bridge Mode, the router no longer routes but forwards.  Meaning, in Bridge Mode, it doesn't assign, translate, encapsulate or specially handling anything but just forwards traffic.  In Bridge Mode, there is no IP routing but just MAC-layer forwarding.  If you have DHCP still enabled on the Panoramic while in Bridge Mode, you're adding the routing layer and could have screwed something up.  You could have DHCP enabled with multiple routers but I'm not sure about one router or cascading routers.

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      isn't bridge mode eliminating wi-fi on the panoramic unit?

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        Bridge Mode disables the wireless private network of the Panoramic but, as Mouth noted, not the wireless public Hot Spot (authentication required) of the Panoramic.

        Unless you disable it, the antenna of the Panoramic can be a public beacon as a Cox Hot Spot.  It's two different burbs in the Panoramic.