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Brand new modem

So long story short. Cox Gigablast was having connection issues so I was like cool modems going bad after like 2 years of usage which is good.

So instead of contacting cox to fight to get a new modem again I just went and bought a Netgear Nighthawk CAX80(which is on their approved listing) 

My speeds went from decent to in one speed test showed 228 Kbps download and 0.07mbps upload..

Contacted support they said the modem is bad...meanwhile this has happened last time I replaced the modem with a non cox provided one.

They tried to reset it and it didn't work so they told me to manually reset me being the smart **** I am knowing *** well my modem is communicating properly with cox signal wise I reset it via the app on my phone that is NOT connected to wifi and it reset instantly...

Has anybody had the same issue with what seems to be Cox throttling the connection on modems they don't provide? I've seen one post from a few years back where they stated an agent admitted to it...but the agent I just talked to was like pulling teeth and very poor skills in my opinion

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    That's was my point stating jts linked and working fine but they're stating it wasn't working 

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      That's was my point stating jts linked and working fine but they're stating it wasn't working 

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    I would check with Netgear's support website for help. Also, are there any reviews on that modem, anyone else who had problems?

    As for connection issues, I just started having them within the last hour. I'm taking an online training course and the videos keep stopping at random, so I came here to see if anyone else is having trouble. It was working just fine all day yesterday and last night.

    I've always used my own modem and router; never rented any equipment from Cox in the decades I've been with them. As long as it's on the approved list it's supposed to work.

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    I apologize for the frustration you’ve been experiencing with your Cox internet and I want to help. If you can email your full name and the street address on your Cox account to, I’ll be happy to investigate.

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