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4 years ago

Brand new modem - Panoramic etc - Wifi keeps disconnecting

Just got a brand new modem other day. Set it up and first time using the "app" and panoramic settings etc. It took forrrrever for it to recognize new devices added to the network. Like first device I added was my phone, and I legit thought it was broke, because it took like 20 min for it to finally say oh hey you connected your phone to the modem/network. I was going through all the settings, trying to figure out why the connected devices were not showing any devices. Turns out, it just takes ages. 

So then I have ran into another issue. I have 2 Roku TV's, that have always been wireless. No issues in the 2 years I have had them. In fact I just replaced 1 of the TV's last week with a newer model. My old modem every once in awhile would drop wifi, but my PC is connected via ethernet and never drop. Which I found odd, because normally you'd think if the internet signal dropped on WIFI, it would drop on Ethernet as well. 

So this new modem issue is that it almost seems the signal is very sensitive to interference. My PC in bedroom sits under the TV which is wireless (both the TV and the PC, via internal NIC Wireless card with Antennas). Old modem, it had no issues with them being so close. no signal loss on either device. 

This new modem, if I happen to pick up my wireless headphones (which are Bluetooth) off the desk, the TV signal drops and I lose Wi-Fi on the TV. very strange. 

Also the TV in living room which again, never had issues before, is sitting on wall mounted, the modem is sitting 3 feet away on my desk. It connects just fine, no issues with bandwidth but my daughter told me that every time she turns on TV or most times, It wants to sign back into the WIFI to connect again, then its good for awhile. Its like it drops the connection or does not remember to re-connect? Very strange. Never touched any settings or needed to with old modem, everything just worked, period. 

We do have a lot of devices on network, and lot of streaming but last modem never had any of these issues. I am not sure if its the new modem not liking how close it is to my devices, the signal being interrupted by so many devices, or it having issues separating out the devices to other channels or what. Bluetooth also never affected signals before with old modem. 

Also, on the old modem I had 2 networks set up, the 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz channels, with separate passwords. Every once in awhile I had to connect the wireless PC to the 5.0 channel, and I thought because of signal cross talk, due to the PC having the Wireless NIC in it, sitting below the TV on wall with wifi, and the NIC has bluetooth built in as well. Most times it was fine on 2.4 no issues. 

But when I went to set up those 2 channels on the app for new modem, it said it did not recommend doing that, because It preferred to switch automatically instead. So I left it on the 1 network channel. 

So any idea how I can figure out what's causing WIFI interruptions/drops, and why my TV's are having such issues with the new modem? any ideas? My Ethernet on PC has not dropped a single time in a week. Its just WIFI being very sensitive/picky.

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    Hi @Raevynwillow2948,

    I know how important it is for you and your family to have a consistent Wifi signal. If you have the Panoramic Wifi App installed I would like to share with you some tips to help optimize your network, as your modem is a smart modem and will toggle networks. Although it gives you faster speeds the 5GHz band has the shorter wavelengths and higher frequency meaning that it is not good for long-range connections. The 2.4GHz band has slower speeds but a longer wavelength making it more stable at longer distances. Since you have a lot of devices I would advise you to make sure that your networks have different names, this will allow you to make sure that your devices all have the best signal possible. Here are detailed instructions on how to optimize your Wifi networks inside of the Panoramic Wifi App: Press 'Connect' at the bottom, then press on 'See Network', then press the 'Pencil Icon' at the top right-hand corner. Make sure to put a Blue Checkmark in the box next to 'Use different names for 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi', then under the 2.4 GHz Wifi section change the name in the top box, move down to the 5GHz wifi section and change the name in the top box. Press blue 'Apply Changes' at the bottom when you are finished.

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    The modem reads like it's okay.  Your problem is the wireless router.  Either the signal is weaker than the previous, the channel of its 2.4 band is overcrowded or it just processes too slowly.  PoS.

    Does the app connect directly to the router or does it go through the router...out the Cox...back to your modem and then to the router?  I suppose a good test would be to disconnect the Pano from the coax and try to admin the router with the app.  Your LAN wouldn't shutdown if you disconnect the coax...(Internet service would shutdown) the local app-to-Pano connection should still work.