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3 years ago

Billing and account matters Ordeal

So my family is on the connect to compete plan in our household which we pay no more than a set amount each month well when we moved into our apartments the extending cord that comes out of the wall and you have to plug into the modem was about literally 2 inches from the wall and my neighbors were complaining about the noise cuz when I would move my modem it would hit the wall so I requested a representative to come out in make the wire longer extend it from it just being 2 inches so they sent someone out who was not only unprofessional but was very sarcastic and rude and all he did was just literally hook up a cord extending it and leave while mocking me on his way out so they decided they were going to charge my account cuz I'm we are on easy pay they wanted to charge my account $100 over the set limit to pay that representative his fee for coming out and doing that for us once I realized that this payment process took to my account it overdrew my bank account sending my bank account into the negative and I have to pay now back a fee to my bank a overdraft fee for the $100 and on top of that I haven't even got the $100 back from them it's already taken about 3 weeks for them to just hear me out as far as my account is concerned and to get it cleared to be processed back to me and like I said as of today I still haven't got it back and it's been weeks I think that this company based on this issue is very unprofessional and unreliable in that aspect of things

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