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5 years ago

BEWARE of Cox swindling more money out of you.

My credit card was canceled due to fraud. I quickly switched numbers on my account and my bill was paid with the correct card on time. It was not late. I was charged a $30 returned payment fee. This is nonsense. There is no returned payment fee incurred from the financial institution when a credit card is canceled or expired. This charge on my account is ridiculous. Of course if you try to talk with customer service and its not about how you want to add products or spend more money with them the call wait time is ridiculous and the live chat online conveniently doesn't work/is buggy. 

Such an awful company with retched customer service. My building has free wifi and its sketchy but worth cancelling my account. Good riddance. 

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    Agreed, do NOT use autopay with Cox. They still charge a $25 fee everytime your card doesn't go through, so renewals, change in card number, all are going to hit you with a $25 fee for something Cox doesn't incur any charges on. Just a greedy company, we need more options.

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      RyanAZ wrote:

      They still charge a $25 fee everytime your card does go through,

      What? You're charged a $25 fee for paying with a card?  Why would anyone do that?  You probably meant "doesn't go through".  But still, it sounds like you've had to pay a $25 fee more than once, so what you're doing isn't working for you.  You should probably just pay with cash.  How is paying with a card considered 'Autopay' anyway?  Do you have to initiate the transaction every month?  Or, are you just equating 'card' to a bank demand deposit account that's automatically debited each month?

      For individuals who manage their demand deposit accounts responsibly, ACH payments are the safest, easiest and most reliable form of payment.  Unless Cox has their own payment system, that may be how they process 'Autopay' payments.  It's been my method of Cox payment for decades without issue.  Just keep a sufficient balance in your account and record the bank account debit for the Cox payment each month.

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        So funny that you live on this forum working for Cox for free, or maybe not free. At any rate.. 

        This has nothing to do with being responsible. Cox offers automatic payments on card or ACH, I chose card. The first time they chaged me $25 was for a card that expired after being on my profile for 2 years. The second time was recently when I had to request a replacement card. Both times the transaction was declined, not "returned" like a traditional ACH. There are no fees to Cox for this. 

        I know of no other companies that charged a "returned transaction fee" for declined card charges. Can you imagine getting charged $25 everytime you accidently key in the wrong information on an online purchase? It's ridiculous, so stop trying to defend Cox.

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