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16 days ago

Autopay hassles

To whom it may concern, if you care: Problem: Autopay! Details: Please, keep the reminders coming. More importantly, let me know if my payment fails for any reason. In fact, go ahead and bill me a few days early so that if my payment fails I can switch to an alternate payment method rather than pay late fees! Is this too much too ask?

I know ALL companies like yours make good money on the LATE fees. But what about keeping loyal customers? I'll stay with you FOREVER and always pay my bill! But who out there has not experienced the hassle of some A**hole stealing your credit card number, which then has to be replaced, which then causes you to have to remember to change your credit card number for everyone you have been faithfully paying for years!! Yeah - I know - I could have a backup on file. But how about just letting me know there's a problem before I have to take extra measures to pay my bill or pay a ridiculous late fee!

The GOOD: I LOVE my Cox Internet service ever since I showed your technician what needed to be done to improve my service (replace a faulty, unneeded signal booster). This Tech was GREAT😊! He replaced my service connection box and main service line to where I did not even need a signal booster to have normal service - for that I'm grateful!

But please, I guarantee you, will keep more customers in the long run if you stop the LATE FEE nonsense! That said, if you got someone with a worse than crappy credit score who routinely misses their payments, go ahead and make them pay a huge deposit or cut their service off. But, PLEASE, don't go after your regular, long-term, loyal customers to use these BS LATE FEES as an extra profit center! 

Thanks! 🥰


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  • Hi smudd. I understand your concern regarding late fees when something happens to your payment method that is out of your control. Thanks for the feedback and I will be sure to pass this along. If you ever need any help, please reach out to us on Twitter at CoxHelp via DM, visit us on Facebook via private message, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started. Thanks, Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator