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5 years ago

Apex Legends Packet Loss

Hi, I recently switched to Cox as an ISP in order to get faster internet. The internet is fast with majority of things but the problem is online gaming. I have been getting a consistent 2% + packet loss to apex, while with my old ISP I never had this problem. While annoying I have just been dealing with it up until this point but something happened and now its a lot worse and seems like every two-three seconds theres a big skip or jitter. The overall smoothness is just not there and its disappointing my 10 mb internet before had a lot less issues then my new "better" internet. I consistently get rubber banding and as someone wanting to get into streaming id like to try and get this fixed so any help would be really appreciated. 

I am on a direct connection to the panoramic router and all the cords are the same as before with my old ISP so there shouldnt be any issue on this end. 

I contacted apex support and was told that opening certain channels would get rid of the packet loss and that my ISP could do that for me.

The packet loss goes from 2% to 12% and ive never had 0% packet loss ever with Cox

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    I also have Cox Complete Care, should I contact there instead?

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      You can contact Cox by sending an email to  Include your full name, your full service address and a link to this thread.  While you're waiting on a reply, you can read posts and replies from other Forum users on this subject.  Type packet loss in the search box at the top of this page and press Enter.  

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    Just an update,

    I emailed cox and they got back to me quickly. I'm having intermittent packet loss issues and theyre sending out a tech today. 

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      Hate to burst your bubble but many of us have had nonstop packet loss with cox for months and there is not a resolution in sight. Doubt your situation will be different but I’m hoping for the best.

      Download ping plotter and start posting packet loss.