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2 years ago

Anyone have ACP dept phone # --Representatives should be educated better about ACP and not be condescending

Extremely frustrated and saddened at the treatment and lack of knowledge by some Cox employees. I called requesting to speak to the ACP dept. I have spoken to them in the past and the gentleman told ...
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    2 years ago

    Cox doesn't deny the benefit. IF the government PAYS money to COX on your behalf, Cox CREDITS that amount. If the Government DOESN'T provide Cox money on your behalf for your account, COX isn't going to discount your bill that amount. This isn't Cox's benefit to you, it's the Government's. Once you understand who pays what and how you get the discount, you MAY be able to  figure out where the disconnect is, and get it fixed. 

    Again. it's NOT Cox that provides the benefit, it's the Government. If Cox receives money FOR YOUR ACCOUNT, they will credit your account the funds they receive. If they DON'T get money from the government for YOUR account, you get squat.