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4 years ago

Anyone else having recent issues with ALL port being blocked on there network?

My modem went down the other night for a few minutes and came back up and all my port forwarding was blocked,double checked my IP for this pc was static and all settings on my router where right and nothing..every port is blocked..

disabled cox advanced security on the site, disabled security on the modems page then put the modem in bridge mode and hooked the pc direct to it, as well as trying it with a $500 router with the firewall disabled my antivirus/firewall and still nothing my system should be wide open on all ports Cox does not block according to there list..

Also tried all of this on two separate Pc's in my house to make sure no software effected a driver for my network card or anything like that...

went in and exchanged the modem today with another from them and made no difference,tried to DMZ the router nothing..DMZ the pc direct to the modem nothing.. have tryed chatting with cox and nothing other then they saying pay $10 a month for complete care and we will help...

this is not something i need help with on my end i have been networking for over 20 years i dont need help with my router pc or software what i need is for someone from cox to look at my account and see why the system is blocking all my ports at my IP.

About the only thing different then i have done for years with cox now is try there elite gamer app and it does block all your ports while you are playing a game..kinda the opposite of what you want really,and it should disable the port blocking the second you log out of the game and elite gamer app im thinking maybe that setting is stuck on the network or something,so if a cox employ reads this can you check my account,refresh it whatever..the modem has been reset so that is not going to fix anything but im assuming there is something you guys can do to get my internet working properly again.