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5 years ago

Another Gigabit victim

I am another gigabit victim. I moved into my apartment in mid February. The install was done by Cox. The immediate problem was the  2.5 connections were

either horribly slow or would not connect at all. We had a tech come out and he literally brought no tools of any kind with him. His conclusion was to create

separate SSIDs for 2.5 and 5G. It had the net effect of nothing except to make 2.5 even  slower.  He was there for hours and was never able to get north of 100m on any

computer uploads. He also changed to router as well. He told me that I would hear from his manager the  next day. Nothing happened.

I have seen several others having similar problem. I even went  so far as to complain on  Cox's Facebook page

and was told to private message them(which I did). Still no response. To date I have paid Cox $400 and getting 10% of what I am paying for. I have complained on

every forum except this one. Frankly that there are lot of others with the problem tells  me that Cox must be aware of it. Has anyone resolved this problem

successfully?  P.S I never had this problem with FIOS

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  • @Dsoldguy, We can certainly look into this ongoing issue for you. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the issue so we can help. Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    an apartment environment has you sharing the node with many others.

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    One of the first issues is 2.4G only has (11 channels) only 3 usable (1, 6, 11) which your wireless can be set to. The problem starts with your neighbors. They're also sharing those 3 channels. That causes interference and retries which slows speeds. 2.4G does have some advantages though. First is range. You will likely get one and a half the range out of a 2.4G WiFi network compared to a 5G network. The second advantage is compatibility. Some legacy devices will only work on 2.4G.

    5G on the other hand is faster, has more channels, which means less interference. If your device supports it, always use 5G. 

    I also wouldnt judge your actual speed off wireless. I would hardwire to the router, then do a speed test. If the test is still slow then you are having an actual connection issue. It is really difficult to achieve gigabit speeds over wifi. Wireless isn't meant for speed, it's meant for convenience.

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      I'm not here to really stir anything up, and I don't have Gig or the issue that he's talking about.  What I've had issues with in the past is Not getting explanations from the people that come to the service calls like the one you just gave.  If, say, the person that comes to the house is possibly more knowledgeable than that of the person they are helping wouldn't that be helpful.

      I had a Tech come to my house on a service call and he literally told me that when it goes over 100mbps it cycles AROUND and basically starts over.  so at the time it was showing 20 mbps.  And this was one of the tech supervisors trying to feed me this line of Poo. 

      I guess my whole point is if they would just stop assuming that everyone they are dealing with is a person that is 90 years old and hasn't worked with anything more modern than a tty-76 Teletyperwriter for communications then it would probably work out much better for everyone.

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        I checked your connection from this end and so far everything looks to be as it should. Can you try connecting a computer directly to the modem and testing the speeds that way?

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    I have the same problem. I upgraded from 300mb to gigabit. They sent me a new modem, and my network is worthless. It is slower than before, and it is constantly dropping the network connection. This is a JOKE! 

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      @Johncorbin, I recommend plugging a device directly up to the modem and run a speed test to see what speeds you are getting. Also, do you lose the connection when plugged up to the modem? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator