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2 months ago

Already have a Yahoo e-mail and my cox e-mail is the recovery e-mail

When I try to set up my e-mail on Yahoo using my cox e-mail, it sends me the verificaion e-mail to the Cox addresss, but then when I try to log in to my Cox e-mail on Yahoo, it says that that account already exists and then logs me back into my Yahoo e-mail.  How do I get out of this endless loop so i can complete the transition?

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  • Hello. I'm sorry to hear that you are running into issues. Please reach out to us at so that we can assist you with this. 


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      Have not resolved the issue. I removed my email as my backup to my existing Yahoo mail account and it didn’t help. When I try to create a new login using my email is says the email isn’t available.

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        I'm sorry you are experiencing email issues with the transition . Please email your full name and complete address at for assistance.