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11 months ago

Access Point

I need to extend my signal to another part of the home that is not receiving the best signal

I will be running a CAT 6 to the new Access Point location from the Cox Router.

My question: What is the best Wireless Access point to use with the Cox Router (Part# CGM4331COX)?

I am not looking for a Wifi Extender.



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    Shouldn't matter. Unlike a repeater, there is not compatibility issues with a AP. As for what AP to buy, what are your criteria?

    1. Price?

    2. What kind of devices do you have? Wifi 5? Wifi 6? Wifi 6E?

    3. Do you need extra ethernet ports where the AP is located?

    4. What's your tech. comfort level? Do you prefer a graphical user interface or can you work in CLI? 

    5. Do you want stand alone or one that works with a controller?

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    I would look towards using either a powerline extender if the electrical lines in your home are a good fit, if not possible a MOCA extender setup if possible. That was you get a Wired connection tot he access point. 

    If not, I would have someone run an ethernet connection to the part of your house you want it, and run it off of that. 

    In all of the above, your backhaul to the wifi modem is a wired type connection for the best throughputs possible.