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3 years ago

Abuse of Internet by "JustAnswer"- How to report to FCC

I am trying to report an internet service called "Just Answer" to the FCC. It is a "legal" outfit, which takes $ 5 for a question, then wants $ 60 to continue. I went with $ 5 but the answer was not useable, I declined the ongoing questions for $ 60. Then my credit card was charged with $ 60 by a company "ASKaPRO". When I disputed the charges and called the number connected, I got no help, I was told, I had signed for membership, which I didn't and they could refund my money. I found ASKaPro online and sent them an email. The Owner came back immediately and said, they have no dealings with 'JustAnswer" . This is internet fraud and when trying to file a complaint, FCC is asking for my Internet provider. Does anybody know how to go about it?  Thank you!  It is not the amount of $ 60 but the fact that, so many internet purchases can be "crooked" and I think it should be reported. I have been in touch with the REAL "ASKaPRO".  

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    I’ve had dealings with them too. Once I got a correct reply to my question and gladly paid only five dollars. Then months later I asked a question and ended up with a monthly subscription that renewed monthly. When I found the charges on one of my credit card, I disputed but did not get back because some were too old.

    Anyway, after seeing your question, I’m wondering if somebody is still lying about ownership. How could Ask a Pro charge you for activity that obviously was done on the other site and then say we have nothing to do with them. Just Answer and Ask a Pro must have some connection. 

    Also, Just Answer seems to be a questionable website to have dealings with in any form. I’ve noticed they pop up when I ask a question on Goggle or somewhere else.

    Other than just getting their name out, possibly complaining to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), or Federal Consumer Protection Agency would help. State Attorney Generals also investigate these types of complaints. 

    Someday I want to have time to write to my Congressman asking if the will consider strong legislation regarding all thes companies ability to sign unwitting people up for expensive subscriptions. They should be made to CLEARLY state something like IF YOU WANT A SUBSCRIPTION FOR   $ FOR X MONTHS you must fill out and electronically sign this form.

    Well I hope this helps you