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29 days ago

4 days no service

We hadn’t issues with Cox. Until that last 3 months. Internet has been up and down. Which usually be resolved by restarting everything. However this passed Thursday it was really bad. Which led to Friday no Internet all day. We messaged and was scheduled 2 days away for a tech to come out. I was frustrated because that means I am unable to work. No phones no tv no door bells no electronics. Here we are excited and waiting for the tech and he never showed up. So the appointment was cancelled because they said we weren’t home. Then come to find out they called. Well guess what no Internet no phones. The tech never knocked on the door which he would have seen was cracked open. I contact support to then be told additional charges will apply which is a joke. That we have to pay for a tech, my bill for service/days we haven’t been able to use and we are missing work because we work home. Cox really proved to have poor service and customer service within one incident. So now 4 days with nothing working due to no internet. We have a 2 year old and teenagers. Thanks a lot Cox. 

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  • Hi, I apologize for the experience you have had.  Please reach out to us privately so we can look into this our email address is Please include your full street address and a link to this forum post