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4 years ago

3 outages of 6 hours, 2 over 12 hours in the last 10 days, in Las Vegas

My CABLE AND internet have been out multiple times in the last 10 days.

5/4 6 pm- 5am

5/10 12am-5am

5/15 1am-4pm (est.original estimate 4am)

In addition, cell service (I'm 500 yds away from the tower) guess it at the same time so I have no connectivity. (Another note for iPhone users, DTMF tones with iOS 13 have a problem and calling into Cox IVR, and other support IVRs like Apple, don't work! The work around is go to cellular data settings and turn off LTE, don't ask)

I was told by support today that today's outage was planned. So when you have an outage that's 12+ hours, why can't they notify people? It's a work day and we're all WFH!

All I have to say, WTF?

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    Hey there,

    I'm up in northwest Las Vegas myself. Currently Cox is experiencing oversaturated nodes all over the city which is affecting internet negatively. They were already at their peak prior to Covid and now way over their peak because everyone is home and online at the same time. They might be splitting your node, which will help you plus your neighbors. Mine was out for 4 hours while they performed the split and a few times prior. 

    I know they did do a news story talking about that they were going to do this. They did say on the story that they would leave a note on everyone's door 2 days prior and sending flyers out to everyone that would be affected by the outage. Guess that didn't happen.

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      That's helpful, I wish I could find that information more readily on their website or app. No word on FB nor Twitter either. Very poor communications. Thanks again for taking the time.

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    In S. Las Vegas, internet has been atrocious since the beginning of lock down. I was told by Cox that they would split the node for my neighborhood sometime in 3rd quarter. They acknowledged the node is 88% congested. So I'm paying for service I don't receive and I have to wait months and months for a fix.