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8 months ago

2 Weeks of Packet Loss - What to do?


I've been having packet loss issues for over 2 weeks. They will range from 3-12% at times. This packet loss makes playing online games, as well as streaming for revenue completely impossible.

I've had 2 techs now come out to my residence and verify that it is nothing on my end, the last one said it has something to do with the area communication node.

My question, whenever I contact customer service, they don't see anything. They see no issues in my area, and they see no notes from the techs.

If a service tech can't help me, and the customer service number can't help me....what is my next step?


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  • Hello Brandondidonato. I'm very sorry to hear that you are having issues with packet loss. I know that can be frustrating to track down. I'd like to help. Please reach out to us at for assistance. We'd love to help. 


    Cox Forum Moderator