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3 years ago

2.4GHz devices

I have devices that can't connect as they are 2.4GHz such as cameras can I get a router that's 2.4GHz and keep my 5G for live streaming?

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    Your devices can't connect to what?  I understand you're referring to a wireless router but is it the Panoramic wireless router?  There's been numerous posts about Internet-of-Things devices (thermostats, BBQ grills, etc) being unable to connect to the Pano, but I'm unsure if these issues were ever resolved via a setting or something else.

    What do you mean by "5G"...5 GHz or 5G cellular?

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      since you pose the question, i feel it my duty to inform you that my old dell laptops still can't connect to pano/2.4....why i piggyback another router!!