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4 years ago

1TB of use in a single day - never happened

Anyone else spot the anomaly here? Give me a break - no way nearly 1TB of data was used in a single day for a home non-business user. I've escalated this to Cox. Something is very wrong. Link is to historical data showing something is obviously gone amiss.

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    Wow!  You could have 4 devices simultaneously streaming UHD content at 60 fps for 24 hours and still not achieve 700 GB (672 GB).

    Pay up!

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    They for real take data usage off off everything you pay for the internet to be able to use its like double dipping its quicker to name what they dont count as data usage if your a gamer and you need to update games in order to play them that murders your data usage just got charged 40 extra bucks so an extra 200gb because I updated some games in order to play