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5 years ago

Travelling in South America and cannot send/receive emails

I cannot send/receive emails using outlook or Webmail or on my iphone7.  I am currently in Ecuador for July, Peru for August.

I need an answer asap.

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    Cox must not like the IP address of your provider in South America.  As a shot in the dark, you may have to call Cox to setup some type of forwarding rule for an account you can access from South America.

    BTW...I was stationed in Manta for a year...LOVED it!

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    @jfleming116 Hello Jfleming116,

    Thank you for reaching out to Cox Forum Support. We have an additional layer of security on the account when accessing the account from outside of the US. Please send an email to with your full name, street address, and username then we can assist with access. Please provide the information listed below in your email. Thanks

    What Country is the Customer Located in?

    User ID that cannot log in:

    IP address (You can get this from

    Is this IP address issued via DHCP or is it static?

    Cox Forum Support