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5 years ago

Suing Cox over HomeLife/"Loyalty Department"

I have gotten the complete run around for 10 months. In fact, the only reason I am now able to contact you is because I'm on AT&T Wifi. I want to know if anyone experienced this:

1) I was told that I had a 1 year opt out of HomeLife promotion and OF COURSE I wanted to do that because...

2) I was robbed twice and the video ** so bad the cops said there video is completely worthless

3) and the worst part....Cox would never fix the HomeLife problem interfering with my internet. I have a home business. The install...which they had TWO MONTHS to prepare for, was a sh&t show. The day of our move, we are exhausted. Guy shows up late, can't do the job. Before we know it, we must have had 20 Cox guys crawling our house and 10 trucks down the street - I kid you not. They put HomeLife in the SUCKIEST place possible (THE BASEMENT). They left equipment everywhere and split at 11:00 pm with an unfinished job. When, of course, wifi didn't work and internet sucked, Cox would send out a service guy. He'd say "Oh, not a problem, easy fix.....OH YOU HAVE HOMELIFE...SORRY WE WON'T TOUCH THAT AND HOMELIFE WON'T REINSTALL.) WTF!!!

4) I must've had 10 Cox guys and contractors out. They all said the same thing.

5) So, in order to run my company, I had to turn to Verizon to fix it. I'm having to run my business - on unlimited data from Verizon for almost a year. Folks, that is a $400 bill every month (Verizon + Cox).

6) For months, I begged for help. I asked out of the contract. The price for ending it fluctuated all over. It was the same price at 8 months in as it is now. 

7) Then, because I was labeled a pain, I was moved into the "Loyalty Department" Gulag. No one ever gets out of the Loyalty Department.

8) I cannot sneeze without them saying "You must speak to someone in the "Loyalty Department." It is almost impossible to actually speak to someone who works there. 

9) And if you do and all you want to do is start the arbitration process or pay to get out of the contract, they will send you on another fishing expedition to get you off the phone. They promise "this will work...just tell the service person this." IT DOESN'T WORK....EVER. 

10) The word "Cox" is a dirty word in my house in more ways than one. I break out in hives anytime I know I have to fight for the right thing. But it's not even that. All I want at this point is to get out of this contract and despite what their own contract says, they will not allow me to do this. They even told the next tenants (I bought a new home) that they are not letting me out of the contract. How is this possible? Is Cox not subject to the terms of the contract as well as the customer?

11) I'm drafting my "Demand Letter" for the Cox Legal Department now so that I can say I did it and then, worst times upon worst times, I'll sue in small claims if the courthouse is even accepting electronic filiing.

Just curious...has Cox used HomeLife as an excuse to anyone else.

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