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5 years ago

no streaming on contour, sometimes video but no sound

streaming has just died in the last two days. was able to watch tv on computer in bedroom, have been for months with no problem.  Now I can sign on to contour and get the tabs for saved, live tv etc and click on them and they do nothing.  did a reset to everything and still doesn't work.  Cox tech didn't have a clue how to hep me.  my next thought is run a ethernet from modem through wall to bedroom and plug in.  I feel like this is their way to get me to pay more for more GBs. I have 3 now 

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    What type of device are you using to access the contour app? Please check the filter and make sure all are clear and see if that helps.

    Jonathan J
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      We have tried multiple platforms.  Laptop computer, Kindle tablet, iPad,2 different iPhones.  All have same issues.

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        Kris....on your keypad, type s, to toggle the SAP(secondary sound).  There is a icon next to the lwr rt gear that shows other options and a ? will open a display of shortcuts.  Just go back and forth and sometimes wait for the Resume screen. This subject is somewhat old and often discussed, but various markets are still getting it.  Different channels occur for different folks....ESPN, 7(ABC) 9(KCAL), CNN....some folks don't get no problem when using, weird.  What channels did it happen to you?

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      From SoCal, currently ESPNHD(15) needs the s toggle but I get English.  CBS (2) has failed in the past, but seems to be working.  & (ABC) seeing E:60 is Zero sound but English after toggle.  I do not get Spanish on most of my failures....must be the market.  So what to do for those that use the computer or cell.  The temp shortcut s or video browser (if available, sometimes triggers).  If you have to have it at all costs, you need to open a ticket with the Cox help desk.  CurtB and others have seen this issues on so many questions.....cross your fingers because Cox has made some problems go away.  TNT (18) use to fail for me. 

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    From east Mesa...streaming ok on some channels.   Others, like Fox Sports, Contour starts to load but fails and all I get is repetitive message that they are having a problem with live streaming .  Once in a while I'll get a picture but no sound.  if I do get a pic I can click SAP and get the Spanish audio.  Getting frustrated.