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5 years ago

No access to Cox email for new customers?

I signed up for Cox a month ago. When I activated my Cox sponsored security, it linked an email address for my account with Cox. I repeatedly tried to log in and it said I had incorrect info. I looked into it and all I can find is Cox no longer offers email to new customers but continue to maintain it for customers before Sept 2019. Why is that. Something doesn't sit right with me about that. Could someone explain???

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    There are many free email providers available which have developed into a far more robust service than what we were offering. As such, Cox no longer offers email as part of the Internet service as of August 15th, 2019. We encourage customers to explore many of the alternatives available via the Internet for email service. -Chris
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      If thats the case then you should eliminate email for everyone. There was a cox email with my login info on it in the security section. 

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        wrong, cox email was probably a login to contact cox.

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    I learned this the hard way, when I needed an email to a little used email account that had been deactivated.  Deactivated accounts cannot be restored, even though Cox's chat rep kept saying they could and pushing old links on how.  Since email addresses are often account login names, you might be out of luck.  Cox said they informed people of this, but probably to my "main" email address, which is one I also rarely use.

    Losing email addresses would be a huge problem.  Cox better not mess with this further.

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    Probably due to costs.  I like email.  I think Cox should assign everyone an email account but if users haven't sent an email for...a year?...then deactivate it.  That is...after timely warnings, of course.