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4 years ago

Issue with Panoramic Wifi App

I'm in the market to buy a couple Cox Panoramic wifi pods.  Not sure how long this issue has been going on since I only recently downloaded the Panoramic Wifi App.  I'm having issues trying to login.  The app is telling me I need to upgrade my service after going to the browser and logging in to my Cox account.   This is not true as I pay for Gigablast and have the Panoramic gateway modem.  I have had both of these for 2+ years now.  Been on a couple service chats and one call.  All associates can verify I should be able to use the Pods with my modem but are getting held up on to why the app is giving me that message.  I only have one account, no secondary accounts so that is not the issue.  I don't want to order the pods until the app is working on my end.  I'm guessing by Cox's support staff responses that they have no clue what the issue is.  Their best fix was to "uninstall/reinstall the app" on my phone and try to sign in again.  Any help is appreciated.  

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  • Hi ColinRooms, I'd like to investigate this further. Please email my team at and include a link to this page. We'll get to the bottom of this for you! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    are you using the same login/pw to get to this forum??