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7 years ago

Homelife App - Security Camera Not Loading

Homelife App on Samsung Note 5 has an error and cannot load the security camera video. Works fine on iPhone 7 and touch panel. App works ok for arming and disarming system. There is 6GB free storage on Note 5. Signed out of app and back in, removed and reinstalled the app, Cox tech validated settings are correct in app and Note 5, Verizon did not find anything wrong in settings, YouTube and internet videos work fine on Note 5, Cox tried different router channels, disconnected and reconnected Note 5 from WiFi. Android OS and apps are updated and current. Video is still not loading. Cox is investigating but I was wondering if anyone else ran into this and found a fix. Thanks!

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  • Hi Home,

    What software version is your Samsung Note 5 running? What is the full text of the error message? Do the other features of the Homelife App work on the Note 5?

  • Hi Becky, The Note 5 build is N920VVRS3CRC1, Android Version is 7.0 and the Cox Homelife App Version is There are no updates available for either the Note 5 or Cox app...both are current. Thanks for your time. Bill
  • Homelife security camera,

    Does an error message display?

  • No error messages other than “Error loading video” when I tap on camera in app, and the white swirl just keeps spinning.

  • Please email our team at so we can further investigate this issue. Please include your full name, address, and a link to this page in your email. We'll get to the bottom of this for you!

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    hi there,

    I am having same problem.. camera wont work on either android phone or Ipad; just says camera loading or camera error.

    Did this ever get resolved?


  • I was told it is a known issue and that there is an update for the app in beta testing. Hope it will resolve it. Cox told me the issue is with the web browser/video driver. They specifically mentioned Androids. Not sure why it doesn't work on your iPad, it may be due to the web browser you are using (I think Cox said Chrome has a known issue.) It works on my iPhone 7 (no Chrome running on my iPhone), albeit there are times when it doesn't want to load and I have to close the app out 100% and restart it. You might want to make sure your iPad OS and Homelife app are up to date, sign out of Homelife app, restart iPad then sign back into app. And also check what browser you are using, Cox mentioned using Internet Explorer as a possible fix. Not guaranteed to work but worth a try. Here is the work around I came up with if you are interested. In Homelife app make 2 separate rules. (Don't combine them in 1 rule. When I did that it didn't work.) Rule 1 = when camera detects motion send text alert to your phone Rule 2 = when camera detects motion save image. In this case on both the Android and iPhone I get a text alert that there is motion, then I go into the app and can see the still image of what is happening. Caveats: You can only save 50 images per day. So you may need to go into the touch panel and reduce the camera sensitivity. But even at low sensitivity mine triggers when the tree branches move in the wind or bugs fly by the camera. So I delete the images from the app after I look at them, if the images are not important. At the end of the day Cox will reset and delete all images saved unless you've bumped up your subscription to the service that provides additional recording time and space. You just need to be ready to manage the volume of pictures. Now my problem is trying to find the images and videos captured from the camera on the Touch Panel. I was told I could but can't seem to find them on the Touch Panel. Portal and smart phones yes...Touch Panel no. Hopefully the app update fixes this. Good luck
  • Follow up - Called today to resolve issue with not finding pictures or videos on Touch Panel. The tech indicated this function has been removed due to security concerns. Intruder could delete evidence from panel which deletes from other devices and portal.
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    "Intruder could delete evidence from panel which deletes from other devices and portal."

    Yea, one of the reason I never took Cox Security seriously. Everything that comes with it you can buy better and cheaper at Walmart.  Most of the technicians don't even know how to set it up correctly.  How much do they charge for it BTW?

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      Hear ya. But not bad compared to other security companies. Hard to answer the cost since mine is bundled with other services. But I looked at RING and bundled with my other services, Cox was cheaper. Cox's camera though was a ridiculous $210 (for what you get). I tried some of the non integrated solutions...Walmart/Home Depot motion sensors and door/window sensors. Batteries always died at worst time plus there were no alerts to LE or my phone. I liked the Lorex wireless cameras. But at the time there was no app with alerts/images to my phone. Plus there was the issue of an intruder stealing the DVR. The Lorex cameras are better than Cox's camera, Lorex has two way audio. (I think Ring does too.) I like how Cox is monitoring not just smoke and  intruder but health (power of system). I don't like the feeling of having someone hacking into my camera and observing me. But they could do that with the Lorex, my computer camera or smartphone. I do like Cox's service. So it was either Cox security or a Bengal tiger.