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5 years ago

Home Life Touchscreen CLOCK

Please tell me there is an App that can restore the clock to the Home Life touchscreen.  This clock was the only LED clock I can see due to my astigmatism.  I can't possibly be the only customer who relied upon this BIG FACED clock????

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    Very disappointed to lose the clock. Cox needs to provide I better explanation. 

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    Cox is terrible. 

    how bout a heads up before removing it. Or even better complete these “future enhancements” before removing the old one. No way having a clock or weather app limited their ability to develop anything 

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    Yeah what is this **!? The tablet was outside of our bedrooms and we used that as our upstairs family clock. Just don’t understand why, of all things, they would remove a clock!? Makes no sense. So now my app choices are camera or blank? Lol

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    Hi Mel, as the industry continues to grow, Cox is always looking at ways to improve product functionality. I understand it can be upsetting to have some of the apps disappear, and we apologize for the inconvenience. This decision was made to allow for future product enhancements. At this time, the LED clock app cannot be restored. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      That is ridiculous! You take away an app that probably 99.9% of users have on the touchscreen MOST of the “allow for future product enhancement.” So I am guessing your process for enhancement starts with degrading the current version without an immediate enhancement. When are these “future product enhancements” scheduled for release? And will they include restoring the clock? If they do not, that will be a gross error. 

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        I totally agree, this is just bad business.  Better get the future product stuff going soon, at 2 years I was considering stopping anyway. No it may be giving me some additional motivation to do so... The tablet looks bad without it... Just laughable.... Bye Bye..

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      Sounds like the typical Cox answer.  ddefinitely depended on that large LED display. 

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      KevinM2 why do we need a Homelife touchscreen when we can just use our phones to manage. So far CoX has taken the weather and clock away. It is ridiculous that Cox would remove the functionality of the clock. Was this to save Cox money yet continue to have customers paid the same price.

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    My system updated today and we lost the clock, which was the best feature of the Portal.

    This is very disappointing,

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    You are definitely not the only one! My family and I would constantly look at that clock.  I can't think of a logical reason as to why taking the clock, a screensaver, would enhance the system.  I hope Cox realizes with all these comments about this very simple app, that if they restore it, they will have many happy customers.  So ridiculous that it was taken away in the first place!

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    I need that clock!!!!   The weather was a nice touch as well that set Cox apart from the rest. Now it is just an ugly display.  The clock made it more attractive AND useful!!    Come on, Cox, bring it back, PLEASE!!!!!!!

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    This is what I was told “Owner of the app found it used too much data” So Cox.... pay them for the data or hire someone to make a new app.  Come on, is it really that hard to get a app that tells time to keep 99% of your customers happy? I, for one, feel I am over paying for Homelife and this sure encourages me to head to Costco to purchase the Blink bundle and bbuy a big clock from Amazon, within 4 months I’m $ ahead. 

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      Hello, our Homelife app was recently upgraded, and the third-party apps are not compatible with the new platform. We understand that removing the apps has been rather inconvenient for some customers, and Cox is constantly working on product enhancements with the intention of improving the customer experience. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    You didn't just get rid of one of the apps, you got rid of all of them.

    The clock is the only *** thing I use about the stupid wall interface unit and now it is just a useless TV screen on the wall. 

    You clearly don't care, or have any intention of replacing it.

    As soon as I can, I am getting rid of all your useless, spotty service **.