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25 days ago

Delete "alerts/bulletins" under notifications

First of all I didn't know where to post this. How do I get rid of the bulletin? It states my payment will be past due, but it has been paid (a day before the due date). I've spoken to chat/mobile accounts & they have assured me it was paid. My account shows a 0 balanced  owed. Now what? Thanks.

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    Sorry, it is under "notifications.

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      Hi PM,


      I think I would be a bit annoyed if I were in your shoes.  I see that you signed up for enhanced customer messaging at some point but if you paid the account it would appear this alert would not need to be generated.  It could be a delay in the system due to the upcoming holiday or it may be an issue that needs to be investigated.  Please reach out to us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email at


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