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7 years ago

Contour conflict with Comcast App?

My Cox Account is in RI.

On my Samsung Android cellphone, I installed the Comcast/Xfinity App for another part of the country (FL). This worked well.

I then installed Cox Contour App on the same phone. The Contour installation completed, but the Contour channel listing displays the channels from the other State (FL) -- not from RI.

I uninstalled BOTH the Comcast/Xfinity App and the Cox Contour App. Restarted the Cellphone. And then installed only the Cox Contour App.

The Cox Contour App displays the incorrect channels. It displays the FL channels, not the RI channnels.

What can I do to display the correct channels?

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  • Hi PeterK, within the Contour App, click the Menu icon and scroll down. Click the gear icon, and scroll down the Settings menu to the "Sign Out" option. Sign out, close the Contour App, and reboot your phone. After the phone reboots, the Contour App will require that you log in with your Cox User ID and password. See if the RI channel lineup loads for you after you log in. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thanks for the response.

      I've logged out of both the Comcast App and the Cox Contour App, and have also uninstalled both the apps. Yet the channel listing still shows the FL channels, not the RI Cox listings. Very odd. Any suggestions?

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        Hi PeterK, are you physically located in Florida or in Rhode Island at the current time? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator