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5 years ago

Can't log into Cox email from any mobile app

Until recently (about 2 months ago) I could use my Android mail app to access my Cox email. Now I cannot receive email from ANY mobile app - on my Android Samsung S9, Outlook on my PC, or my iPad email app. My wife and I have spent around six hours with about five Cox customer representatives until they give up and refer us to Samsung. They - Samsung- rudely refer us back to Cox (after another hour). The error messages we get vary, from password invalid (we have changed the password several times under Cox supervision) to Change the permission settings on the Cox internet webmail site. (There aren't any). We can receive and send email from the Cox webmail URL site. This is an important email address and we really need it to work. I was going to do a factory reset on the phone, thinking that some other app is interfering, but since it won't work from any device app, I thought it best to see if anyone else has this issue before I spend another half day with this drill?

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    Hi Lucky_pierre, we're sorry to learn about this frustrating experience. When you change the password on the Cox website,, please ensure the password matches both the incoming and outgoing settings. Please also check to that the server settings are correct, and that you are using TLS, if applicable. I would also make sure that all operating systems are currently up-to-date on your client devices. Lastly, please verify that the server name fields do NOT include east, west, or central. To ensure the safety and security of customer privacy information, Cox made changes to the email server on 04/24/19.

    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please include a link to this forum thread and email us at We will do the absolute best we can to troubleshoot your client devices. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
  • lucky_pierre, I know you posted this five years ago but I am curious if you found the solution. I had the same issue for 4 months now and figured it out with no help from COX. I can be contacted at if your intrested.


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    When I get this with a mobile client (using IMAP) I fix it with just deleting the account from the email client app, and then set it up again using the client app's add/new account wizard.

    I think modern email clients have added as security where you can't make changes to an existing account, and this mean we can't fix things when the email client glitches and has an issue keeping us out of our email.