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2 months ago

Cancel Peacock Premium using Contour DVR


Trying to cancel Peacock subscription that was signed up via Cox Contour DVR.

The published instructions do not apply to my set up. No tile or app titled "Manage My Subscriptions" exists, as outlined in the Cox KB article:,to%20cancel%2C%20then%20press%20OK.&text=3-,Using%20the%20arrow%20buttons%2C%20highlight,My%20Subscriptions%2C%20then%20press%20OK.&text=Using%20the%20arrow%20buttons%2C%20highlight%20Unsubscribe%2C%20then%20press%20OK.

I have Complete Care, so I can try to arrange a tech to the home to navigate the menus for me, as I am elderly, but hoping for another set of eyes from another Community Member to help me here on where to navigate on the Contour Remote and DVR. 



  • Thanks Allan, Cox replied and advised Peacock is one of the apps that is not enrolled via the Contour DVR, and billed directly, so therefore, access Peacock via and sign in and cancel. Thanks.

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