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“Just lie to customers, what can they do lolol?!”- Cox Communications

Contacted customer service 11/2023 about my promo ending 02/09/2024, plus we were moving so needed to transfer service as well. I asked how much of an increase I was looking at once the promo expired and if it was outrageous, I’d need to cancel service. I was told the increase was not much more as I was “eligible for a promo rate”…I would pay $120.25, I asked about my security system and was told it will all remain the same and my bill will be $120.25. My bill went up to $237.61 in March of this year. I’ve called, I’ve chatted etc etc and NO ONE will honor their agreement. I also was told my installation would be free, I paid $100 instead and another charge for extra equipment. I’m attaching the transcript as evidence since literally NO ONE at Cox will acknowledge the blatant lies and misinformation. How they get away with this is insane! 


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      Why? So you can NOT help me, again? Let me make it easy, I have transcripts…meaning proof. I shouldn’t have to waste more of my time. Fix my bill. Prob solved! 

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         I apologize that you are having issues with your service. We truly value our customers and want you to always feel that way. I want to help make this right. If you would like send me an email at with your full name and address I would love to assist you.