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Over the last few days I have been inundated with "You've overpaid your utility bills so press 1 if you're a sucker" robocalls.  I report every one of them to Nomorobo.   All the calls come in with unverified (naturally) caller-IDs.   Is there some technical reason that Cox can't implement an option that blocks all calls with an unverified caller-ID?   This is beyond annoying.

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  • The FCC got the flagging backwards.  If a number is unverified, this unverified number should be appended with a flag...not the verified numbers.

    For example, if an unverified number is preceded with a [U], you could block the number by its [U] flag.  Of course, you could only do this as a wildcard...[U] 123-456-7890, [U] 000-000-0000, etc.  All numbers preceded with the [U] get blocked.

    If Cox offered this option, Cox would (naturally) charge you for the service.  If you had a local call-blocking feature on your telephone or as a standalone device, which supports wildcarding, it'd be a cheaper option.

    As with telemarketing crackdowns, the Do Not Call Registry, Nomo and this program (STIR/SHAKEN)...another gov't flop.

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