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Are you ever going to do anything about spoofed scam calls?

When I get scam or telemarketer calls from a real number I can block them or forward them to an extra number that I never use for anything other than scam callers.  They get to listen to an annoying 3 minute long voicemail message that very few stay on the phone long enough to leave a voicemail for me.  But with spoofed numbers it does no good because they never call back from that same number again anyways.  

While I like the convenience of a landline phone, I am reaching a point of just cancelling it so I don't have to hear my phone ring 8 times a day from some scammer saying my social security number has been compromised and they are coming to arrest me unless I pay them with gift cards over the phone.  It is obviously a scam, but I can't stop them from calling through because they never call from the same phone number twice.  And if I call their number back it is either a number that does not exist or it is some innocent person that has no idea what I am talking about because they did not call me from that number.

And nomorobo is a big flop.  I have it and it catches maybe one or two scam calls per day, but about 90% of scam calls are never detected by it with its simultaneous ring.  

If you want people to keep paying you for your landline phone service you had better get serious about stopping spoofed numbers from calling us.

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