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Can't turn off Call Waiting

I can't turn off the Call Waiting Service on my Cox Voice line.  The Settings switch shows that the service is turned off, but the service is on and cannot be turned off.  Whenever I toggle the switch I get a message that this can't be completed at this time, please try again later.  I have rebooted my Panoramic router and the fiber optical interface but nothing changes.  We also tried using the * codes to turn the service on or off, but I get a message that those options are no longer available with my service.

I have spoken with Cox level 2 support and they duplicated the issue using my account, but I have not ever heard from them again or seen any resolution.  

We get a lot of junk calls and would prefer not to be bothered by the beep whenever one comes in when we are on the phone.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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