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No ring tone

Problem with Cox land line, connected to Cisco modem DPQ3212. I cannot hear a ring tone

on only certain local numbers. Everything else works normally. The called party

phone rings normally, the phone is answered, and a normal conversation can be made.

This problem occurs consistently on about 5-10% of numbers I normally call. No help

rebooting modem. What's wrong?

  • Hi @Kurt99,

    I know it is frustrating to have an intermittent dial tone. Just to clarify, is your phone system connected directly into the back of your Cisco Modem in the T1 jack or is the phone line plugged directly into the wall from the modem? Also, is your telephone modem off of the floor and in a well-ventilated open area (not in a cabinet)?

    Ben S.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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