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Separate Phone and Internet Modems

I am planning to upgrade to Gigablast internet, which means I'd need to upgrade from my DPQ3212 modem to one with DOCSIS 3.1. However, I have a phone line and it is my understanding that if I am to buy my own modem, I'd still have to use the one provided by Cox for phone service, meaning I'd need 2 separate modems, one for internet and one for telephone service. If this is correct, and I follow through with getting Gigablast and a DOCSIS 3.1 modem, what exactly would I need to do to set it up when it arrives? Would someone need to come to our house to set it up (are they even doing house visit right now?), would I need a coax cable splitter or could I use a different coax outlet in the house? I've looked into this quite a bit as gaming on my current plan has been quite frustrating, but I'm a bit confused about the details so any help is appreciated!