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Where Are Voice Tools in the Cox Android App?

I occasionally want to set my Cox phone service to Do Not Disturb using Voice Tools. I know how to do that on the Cox website using a browser. However, I know that it's possible inside the Cox (not Cox Voice Everywhere) app, because I ended up there by some obscure method one time. Now, however, when I start the Cox app and come in from the top, I have found no way to get back to the Voice Tools settings. I chatted with a Cox rep about this, but she did not know how to do it. Help!

  • Hello, to navigate to through the Cox App to use your "Do not disturb" feature.
    Enter the "Cox App"
    Select your phone number "which opens the Cox Everywhere app"
    Select "Settings" at the bottom right then "Manage home phone settings"
    When you select "additional phone settings" it will then route you to phonetools
    From there you can adjust your inbound call settings where you will find the "Do not disturb" feature.