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Robocaller using my phone number!

I use the Voice Tools call history to report telemarketers and robocalls to NoMoRobo. Today I found the number listed for the robocaller is my phone number! An incoming call from me to me is something it seems like Cox would be able to prevent. Why are they not stopping an obvious robocaller that is hiding behind my number?

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  • Cox blocking your number as an incoming call would be an easy rule, but where would the easy rules stop?

     - What about a rule for fake Area Codes (000, 123, 999)?
     - What about a rule for unassigned Area Codes (200, 411, 990)?
     - What about a rule for fake or unassigned exchanges (012, 123, 111)?
     - What about a rule for more than 10 digits?
     - What about just blatantly fake numbers (000-000-0000, 123-456-7890, 999-999-9999)?

    Cox doesn't want to get into the business "obvious" blocks.

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