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Questions about upgrading to digital phone service

I've received lots of letters (and finally an email) about upgrading to digital phone service. Am I one of the last who hasn't upgraded yet or are there others who also haven't done it yet? Right now, I can have more than 2 different phones hooked up, but my understanding is that with the new eMTA or WiFi modem, I can only have 2. Is that correct? I think they should also be within a short distance from each other, not on 2 different floors. Is it even possible to get hooked up with more than 2 voice ports using the new digital equipment options? Also, how long do the batteries last? Thanks!

  • As long as your phone outlets are connected correctly together, you should be able to use any outlet in the house. You would just need to make sure there is a phone outlet where you will be installing the modem. As for batteries, you can buy ones from Cox that last up to 24hr standby time.